It can happen to any team. There comes a time when nothing is right. Field performance does not match expectations. The Bangladesh team is probably going through that time now. At least in the T20 edition. Mahmudullah has been very disappointed in the World Cup and then the Pakistan series at home.

Criticism has been heard for him. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. The job of cricketers is to try to do their job without listening to that criticism.

Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur, however, have listened to the criticism well and sometimes even responded to it. It raises the question of whether the focus was on the main task of performing on the field.

Test captain Muminul Haque wants to be an exception in this very place. First of all, he doesn’t want to drag the frustrated attitude in the dressing room into the T20 series into the Test series. Muminul doesn’t think that there will be much of that attitude in this series.

Speaking at an online press conference the day before the start of the Test series, the captain said, “Everyone in this team is basically a Test player. Players of the four-day match. For example: I, Rahi (Abu Zayed), Ibadat — all but basically Test players. We all know our responsibility. I don’t think that thing here (frustration of failure in T20) will have much effect. But we are emotional people. So I’m trying to help everyone. ”

Since the version is different, Muminul also wants to start with a new initiative. What to do for that? Muminul replied, ‘Many become mentally weak at this time. Weakness is due to the fact that we take too many external words. I am trying to make everyone pay attention to their work without listening to outside words. ‘

The Test captain has come up with a way out of this, saying, “We have to focus on our own work to finally get out of this bad time. Because people outside will talk. You can’t shut people’s mouths. So I think you have to keep your ears closed. That’s what I believe. That’s what I told everyone. Everyone is working that way. ”

Muminul hopes that Bangladesh will soon emerge from this cycle of failure. The Bangladesh team has gone through such a situation before and has come out of it. We are trying to do that again. ‘

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