A hacker group called Musa Lathi has launched a major cyber attack in Israel.

The group said it had broken the servers of major Israeli companies and now had documentaries on key Israeli installations that could be released. News of the record.

The hacker group Musa Lathi said on Monday that it had carried out cyber attacks targeting a number of Israeli organizations and had seized information on a number of key installations.

The hacker group said it had obtained information from Israel’s Airborne Mapping Survey and had 3D images of Zionist Israeli military installations and important buildings.

Musa Lathir claims that the important information of Israel has now reached the hands of those establishments whose aerial images are difficult to find in the international sanctions.

Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Mohamed Dibeibah has said that if the Libyan people want, I will run for president.

Saif al-Islam, the son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, made the remarks a day after he submitted his nomination for the December election. News Daily Sabah.

At a meeting organized by the National Youth Council in Tripoli on Monday, Dibeibah asked the students, “It’s up to you.” I take part in the election – do you want or do not want?

“I will announce my position on taking part in the presidential election in due course,” he said.

“We want a transparent parliament that will serve the people of Libya, and we want a law for elections that the people of the country will agree on,” he said.

Dibeibah has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

According to Libya’s current election law, he must resign from all government responsibilities at least three months before the election in order to declare his candidacy.

Libya is set to hold presidential elections on December 24.

This is the first direct presidential election in Libya since the fall of Gaddafi’s government in 2011.

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain took part in a joint naval exercise with Israel. Although such news could not be imagined a few years ago, this exercise is being held for the first time.

According to the BBC, warships from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Israel and the United States took part in the five-day naval exercise in the Red Sea.

The US Navy’s Central Command says the training aims to enhance the naval capabilities of participating countries working together to enhance regional security and stability.

The exercise began last Wednesday and includes the techniques of boarding, searching and seizing ships to ensure the free movement of ships.

The countries are taking part in the joint exercise after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed the Abraham Agreement in September 2020 to normalize relations with Israel.

Since the signing of the agreement, there has been widespread talk of diplomatic, military and intelligence communication between Israel and the Gulf states, especially against the backdrop of similar concerns over Iran.

In this context, the head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad went to Bahrain himself and in October the commander of the UAE Air Force visited Israel for the first time on such a visit.

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