Bangladesh men’s cricket team is playing with Pakistan men’s cricket team at home. Where two matches in a row match frustration. However, the Bangladesh women’s team did not disappoint against the Pakistan women’s team thousands of miles away.

Nigar Sultana Jyoti’s side lost to Pakistan by three wickets in their first match of the World Cup qualifiers. Batting first, Pakistan collected 201 runs for 6 wickets. In reply, Bangladesh won the match by losing 6 wickets in 49.4 overs.

Apart from one wicket with the ball, star all-rounder Romana Ahmed led the team to victory by playing a crucial innings of 50 runs with the bat. Important contributors are Nahida Akhter, Ritu Moni, Farzana Haque Pinki and Salma Khatun.

At the end of the match, there is naturally joy and insanity in everyone. He said that he was doubly saddened by the loss of Pakistan
Romana won the Matchsera award for all-round performance. Apart from him, Salma and Jyoti also responded to the video message sent by the BCB.

“Everyone is feeling great,” Romana said. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. This is the first match of our qualifying round. We are playing again with Pakistan, so the feeling of winning is doubled. Honestly, we always try to play differently with Pakistan. And we have won two of the last three matches with them. So we deserve this victory. ‘

Another experienced all-rounder and former captain Salma Khatun took one wicket for just 32 runs in 10 overs with two maidens in hand. Later, he dropped to number nine and left the field after winning the team in an unbroken partnership with Romana. Where his contribution was 18 runs from 13 balls.

Expressing her feelings, Salma said, “I believed we would win. My plan was to give something to my team whenever the batting came. I am very happy to give that. My pairing with Romana has been much better. When I went, I rotated the strike and tried to give Romana a strike because he was set. I also tried to hit the boundary because the run was too much, it seemed like 40 runs from 16 balls. We both had to hit and play to cover that. I won in the end, I feel very good. ‘

Ritu Moni has also shown all-round skill. After taking 2 wickets for 36 runs with the ball, he made 33 runs off 36 balls at an important time with the bat. His response was, ‘When I went (to bat), I needed a lot less runs. I tried to play gap shots and I did. (Romana) Ahmed has always supported me. My only plan was not to play dot ball. ‘

Left-arm spinner Nahida Akhter was one of the key players in keeping Pakistan at 201 runs. He took two wickets with only 25 runs in his 10 overs. Nahida says, ‘Alhamdulillah! We won the match. When they were set after taking five wickets, I had three overs left. My target was how to dot. Because if they dot, they will be puzzled and will give automatic wickets. That was my job. My captain, the senior players have given the ball the responsibility that you hold this moment. Do what you can before you do. Just believe. They said, ‘I used it.’

Sharmin Akhter Supta and Farzana Haque Pinky put on 80 runs for the second wicket to chase the target of 202 runs. Farzana, who came down to number three, scored 45 runs in the innings. He got out by bringing the team close to one hundred runs.

Farzana said, “In the beginning, pace bowling was going very well. My attempt was to play straight at bat. I also told my partner (Supta) that you play straight. My only concern was that if we played some dot in the beginning, we would have the ability to chase. It seemed to me that their pace bowlers were not bowling in a very rhythmic manner, this is what we have to take advantage of. So I immediately started talking to Supta. He is utilizing beautifully. And I wanted to keep the spin wheel running with single-doubles as a spin ball. But if I could play a little better, it would be good. Now I understand, inshallah the next match will be a better game. ‘

Captain Nigar Sultana Jyoti talks about the movie of the whole match. Extra satisfaction in his voice as he started the qualifying round with a win. The wicketkeeper-batsman believes that it will help a lot in the upcoming matches.

“The first match of a tournament is very important,” said Jyoti. We started with a win, which gave us a lot of momentum for the rest of the tournament. ‘

“The match against Pakistan is always exciting. We were ready to play our best on the field. But we have seen for a while, after taking 5 wickets in the beginning, they formed a partnership, yet none of us panicked. I tackled with a very cold head. ‘

‘I would say that the role of bowlers is the most important here. They have helped incredibly. Yes there have been some runs in the last ten overs. It looked like they (Pakistan) were trying hard and taking advantage of the wind and playing shots.
“But it is normal to score 200 or chase these wickets. But that was the plan when we were batting. We have worked according to the process that we have. There have been times when we may have collapsed. There were some dot balls then. Ritu Moni and Rumana Ahmed had a wonderful partnership. ‘

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