Turkey detains seven Syrian refugees for publishing banana-eating videos The country has also announced that they will be expelled. The Turkish Immigration Department said in a statement that the video had spread on social media, causing “outrage” among the Turkish people. The video was released to ridicule the intense economic pressures of the Turkish currency.

The country’s immigration department announced Thursday night that seven detained refugees would be sent back to Syria. The depreciation of the lira currency and sharp inflation have led to a sharp rise in anti-refugee sentiment among the Turkish people in recent times.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says there are now about 5 million refugees in Turkey. Most of them have fled the war in Syria.

The video taken by the Syrian refugees was uploaded on 16 October. The video shows a young Syrian refugee eating bananas and a Turkish citizen getting angry at her. What he is saying to the Syrian girl is why they are eating and living better than the citizens of Turkey even though they are refugees! The Turkish man says, “I can’t eat bananas, but you buy a few kilos of bananas together.”

Following the widespread dissemination of the video, Syrian refugees’ self-esteem plummeted, with some of them videotaping and taking pictures of banana-eating scenes and uploading them to social media.

Incidentally, banana is not cultivated in Turkey. The people of the country have to buy and eat these imported fruits at high prices.

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