Manchester United fans started this season with high hopes. Last season, Ule Gunar Sulshar’s team came second in the league by surprising everyone. This time they have made a stir in the change of team. Real Madrid have picked Rafael Varane, Borussia Dortmund have pulled winger Jadon Sancho. Cristiano Ronaldo has written the story of his return to the flood of excitement at the last moment of the transfer.

With such a star-studded team, Sulsha would give some great gifts, there was nothing wrong with that. But Sulshar did not try to play the team with any specific strategy. Ronaldo has occasionally rescued a team without chaos at the last minute. But Ronaldo could not save Sulshar’s job. Today, after losing the fifth match in 12 matches in the league, United has cut Sulshar. However, United did not use the word farewell in the farewell message.

For a month now, rumors have been circulating at the end of every Manchester United match that Sulshar is losing his job. But Sulshar’s past record as a player kept him in the job. But United lost patience after losing 4-1 to Watford last night. Today, the Red Devils relieved Sulshar of his responsibilities.

United tweeted today at 4:30 pm Bangladesh time, “Manchester United are confirming that Ul Gunnar is stepping down as coach. Thank you for everything. ‘

Manchester United has made a big statement in this regard from their own website. An official statement said: “Manchester United are announcing that Ul Gunnar is stepping down as coach.”

“We will always be a legend for Manchester United and we are very sorry to have to make such a difficult decision. The last few weeks have been frustrating, but the hard work he has put in over the past three years to lay the groundwork for long-term success should not be forgotten. ”

“We are saying goodbye thanks to him for his tireless work as a coach. I wish him all the best for the future. His position in the history of the club will remain the same. Not only as a player, but also as a wonderful person and coach who has gifted us all these wonderful moments. He will always be welcomed at Old Trafford as a member of the Manchester United family. ”

The statement also said Ronaldo’s next coach, “Michael Carrick will be in charge of the team for the time being. And now the club is looking for an interim coach for the rest of the season. ‘
In 2016, United sacked Jose Mourinho and appointed him as interim coach. He was permanently appointed by United after a 3-1 win over a young team at PSG’s home ground in the last 16 of the Champions League. United have not won a title in almost three years under him. United have won 92 of 18 matches and lost 41.

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