Father is a name of absolute dependence. There is no specific day to express love to the father. However, the father’s birthday can be considered as a special occasion. Jennifer Gates, daughter of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, therefore wished her father a happy birthday. He also posted on social media to share that joy with everyone. News from NDTV.

October 26 was Bill Gates’ 7th birthday. Jennifer posted a picture of herself with her father on Instagram on the occasion. The picture is of Jennifer’s wedding. In the photo, Jennifer is seen standing back to her father Bill Gates with a flower in her hand. Bill Gates is also looking at the girl with a smiling face. Bill had a small box in his hand.

Bill Gates also responded to the girl’s greetings. In a comment on the Instagram post, he thanked Jane for wishing him a happy birthday. He also said that he is proud of Jane’s father.

This love of parents has received a lot of response through social media. Jennifer’s post has received more than 74,000 likes so far. And 1,300 people have commented.

Jennifer is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. After living together for 26 years, Bill and Melinda parted ways recently.

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