Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of Police of the United Arab Emirates, has been elected President of Interpol. He was elected by the members of the Interpol Executive Committee for the next four years.

The General Annual Meeting of the International Law Enforcement Agency is held in Istanbul, Turkey. The police chiefs of the member countries participated in the vote. The global policing body announced the name of the police officer as president on Thursday.

According to Interpol, a three-point vote was taken. In the final round, he was elected with 7.9 percent of the vote.

Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, a major general, is the Inspector General of Police under the UAE Ministry of Interior.

The new Interpol president has been accused of torturing human rights groups in the UAE and illegally detaining them.

On August 15, Kabul fell to the Taliban. The United States has withdrawn troops from Afghanistan. With the end of democratic rule and the excuse of a security vacuum, multifaceted interests began to gather around the country.

Neighboring Pakistan and the influential Eurasian Muslim country Turkey are competing for influence in Afghanistan for their own interests. The rivalry between the two Muslim countries over the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan is now open. A kind of diplomatic conflict has also arisen between the two countries. This information has come up in a special report of Middle East Eye.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan have recently held talks on the Afghanistan issue. The talks are aimed at resolving the visible tension between the two countries on the Afghanistan issue.

Political analysts and diplomatic sources say that Turkey has been trying to exert influence in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan from the very beginning. Erdogan hoped that Pakistan would help them in this case. Ankara is very disappointed with Islamabad for not fulfilling that demand.

Erdogan had hoped that Imran Khan’s government would support Turkey’s presence in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. Erdogan wanted Pakistan to assist Turkish troops in securing Afghanistan’s airports. But Islamabad does not support Ankara’s influence in Kabul. Erdogan’s government is unhappy about the issue.

Turkey has strong economic, religious and military ties with Pakistan. Nevertheless, Pakistan sees Turkey’s growing influence in Afghanistan as a threat to itself.

Galip Dalai, a Turkish political analyst and PhD researcher in the history department at Oxford University, said the diplomatic efforts taken by Turkey, including taking over security at Kabul airport after the withdrawal of US troops, were largely limited. Pakistan sees Turkey as a threat to its strong presence there. Because of this he did not help them in any way.

Meanwhile, there are multifaceted interests in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. China and Russia are also aware of the country. With the help of longtime allies Russia and China, Pakistan seeks to strengthen its influence there. In this case, Imran Khan’s government is unwilling to give any concessions to Turkey.

Political analyst Galip Dalai said Erdogan’s government thought both Pakistan and the Taliban would welcome Turkey there.

‘Ankara thought the Taliban would sympathize with them, welcome them; But this thought did not work. Pakistan also did not live up to Turkey’s expectations. That is why Turkey is frustrated with Pakistan, ”added Gallup.

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