Saudi Arabia opens mosque for worshipers Due to the Corona epidemic, worship and visits to the Medina Mosque have so far been limited to worshipers from home and abroad.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, foreigners will no longer need prior permission to visit the mosque. From now on, the Munawarah in the mosque of Medina is open to all, any Muslim can worship here. Khabar Gulf News and Al Arabiyah.

Saudi newspapers and work reports, citing Saudi officials, say that visitors to the mosque will no longer have to apply for the Itmarna app. However, the visitor has to apply to the Tawakkalna app to prove that he has taken two doses of the vaccine and has passed 14 days after the vaccination.

The mosque was reopened after the Saudi Interior Ministry relaxed its precautionary measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The Baitullah of Mecca is now open to all.

Earlier this week, the Saudi Press Agency said in a press release that the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, in collaboration with the Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, had announced the launch of a service that would allow foreigners to apply for Umrah and prayers in Mecca and Medina. Using two apps called Itmarna and Tawakkalna, foreigners will also be able to see the roza of Rasul (sa).

The Saudi Ministry of Umrah and Hajj requested mobile users to download the two applications on their mobile phones. Two new apps can be found in the mobile app store.

A new bill has been passed in the Pakistani parliament to chemically track down sex offenders convicted of multiple rapes.

Chemical castration is a method of reducing sexual ability by applying drugs. The sentence is legal in South Korea, Poland, the Czech Republic and several US states.

The bill was passed in the face of mass protests demanding harsher punishments for rapists due to the rising rate of rape of women and children across Pakistan.

The bill was passed almost a year after President Arif Alvi approved a new anti-rape ordinance. As a result, there are no longer any legal barriers to punishing rapists.

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2021, along with 33 other bills, was passed in a joint sitting of parliament on Wednesday, Pakistan’s Dawn news agency reported.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami MP Mushtaq Ahmed condemned the bill, saying it was “anti-Islamic and against Sharia law.”

According to him, rapists should be hanged in public. But there is no provision in Sharia law to search.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced that it will take action against a Pakistani hacker group for allegedly hacking into the Facebook accounts of members of the former Afghan government, army and law enforcement agencies. The news agency AFP reported on Wednesday.

Meta said in a statement that the Pakistani hacking group, called SideCopy, targeted the Facebook accounts of former Afghan government, army and law enforcement personnel.

In August this year, Facebook removed a hacking group from Pakistan. The group was involved in hacking the Facebook accounts of members of the Afghan government, army and law enforcement agencies.

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