wrong injection

The job of health workers is to serve the patient. The service there is far away, the nurse on duty has threatened to kill the patient. The incident took place at Uluberia Super Specialty Hospital in Howrah district of West Bengal, India, the Hindustan Times reported on Wednesday (October 26th). There, the nurse threatened to kill the patient with a ‘wrong injection’.

The patient’s family complained that the patient’s condition worsened as soon as he ran out of oxygen. Frightened, they rushed to the doctors and nurses. The nurse gets angry when she asks for oxygen. The nurse then threatened to kill the patient with a ‘wrong injection’.

After this incident, Tulkalam situation was created in the hospital. The patient’s family members erupted in anger. The police came and brought the situation under control. The hospital authorities rushed the patient to another place. Earlier, Sheikh Sabina Khatun was admitted to Uluberia Super Specialty Hospital on Tuesday afternoon after drinking acid. His treatment was going on there. Family members came and saw that the oxygen was almost gone. This makes the patient’s condition worse. Seeing this, the family members of the patient went to call the nurses and doctors. Apply for oxygen.

The patient’s family members complained that the on-duty nurse did not respond to their request. In this situation, the nurse threatened to retaliate as soon as they put pressure on him, saying, “If I bother, I will kill the patient with the wrong injection.” ’ However, Superintendent of Uluberia Super Specialty Hospital Sudiptaranjan Karar said, “This behavior of the nurse is not credible. However, if the patient’s family complains, the incident will be investigated. ’

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