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As you might have learned by now, taking the CPA exam is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences for most accounting students. At the same time, taking your CPA exam and passing it will be one of the proudest moments of your life.

This is because after investing several months studying, you get a title that very few people have been able to accomplish. Here is why you should become a CPA:

Respect and prestige

CPAs are widely regarded as the highest level of an accountant, meaning that becoming will win you admiration from your peers, clients, and the general public. Becoming a CPA basically puts you at the same level as other professional designations such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Many people out there know that it is difficult to become a CPA, and they respect you for it. Becoming a CPA means that you’re no longer a college graduate; rather you’re a professional of the highest regard. You’re simply the best of the best as far as accounting is concerned.

More money and benefits

When you are selecting a career path to follow, many people tend to consider the salary and benefits involved in the profession. Fortunately, if you’re planning on getting a CPA license, you’ll be better placed to earn more money and benefits compared to your non-licensed counterparts.

You’ll be amazed to learn that most of the big firms out there go as far as offering bonuses for passing the CPA exam. Also, according to multiple studies, CPAs make about 15% more money during their career compared to their non-licensed counterparts. That’s right. You’re bound to make more money at your job if you sit and study today.

The best thing about becoming a CPA nowadays is that there are plenty of study materials out there that can help you pass the CPA exam comfortably. For example, you can count on UWorld Roger CPA to provide you with all the review courses you need when preparing for your CPA exam.

Career security

If you’re considering becoming a CPA, you need to understand that CPAs are always on demand, which doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. Regardless of whether the world is in a down economy or not, CPAs will always be needed as they’re very important in society.

Public firms are always on the lookout for experienced accountants to join their teams. For this reason, becoming a CPA makes you more qualified for such roles. These public firms already know what you’re capable of, and they’re determined not only to recruit you but to keep you for longer in their team.

Career development

Another reason you need to consider becoming a CPA is that it presents you with better opportunities to advance in your career. Passing the CPA exam basically makes you stand out to all potential employers, and this will open more doors for you.

Many public firms will help you advance to senior positions, and you can even become an official partner someday. Most internal company accountants usually climb the corporate ladder, and they end up as board members or officers based on their experience and expertise. Once you get certified, there will be a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you.

Job variety

CPAs usually work in so many different fields. This means that after getting certified, you don’t need to worry about getting tied down to one particular field your whole life. As a CPA, you have the freedom to work in whatever field that interests you.

You can work in a government agency, non-profit industry, private company, among many others. Also, there are several niches out there for CPAs, meaning that you can decide to work in the industry that excites you while still having your dream job as an accountant.

For example, when you’re a forensic CPA, you get to earn a living as a CPA while also working in law enforcement.

Summing up

If you’re planning on becoming a Certified Personal Accountant (CPA), this is the best time to get started. As shown above, you stand to start an awesome career which comes with a big salary and even more benefits.

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