Unique features of huawei bluetooth mouse swift
Unique features of huawei bluetooth mouse swift

As we know that the mouse plays an important role in the fast operation of the laptop. So, I can help you with the selection of the mouse. In this way, I can make it easy for you. You can play games and do other works with this mouse. The features of this mouse are ideal.

The huawei bluetooth mouse swift is a really good quality mouse. The accuracy of this mouse is very good. It has an accurate and fast positioning mouse.

The features of this mouse are discussed below in detail.

Portable And Ultra-Light

Huawei blutooth mouse swift is a portable kind of mouse. You can take it to different places. It makes it easy to carry it everywhere. The weight of this mouse is respectively much lesser than other companies mouses.

If there is a person, who is injured or just recovered from injury. Even that person can use it. The ultra-lightweight give comfortability to the user. Its weight is about 59 grams.

Swift Bluetooth Feature

The swift Bluetooth is a very good feature. If you use some other company mouse, you will see the difference. The response during the use of this mouse is great. The huawei bluetooth mouse swift is the best mouse to use in a wide variety of mouses.

If you use some other Bluetooth mouse, you will face different difficulties. Difficulties like the response time would be slow or the Bluetooth connection would lose.

Shape, Scroll And Color

It only came in black colour. The shape is designed in such a way that you can perfectly hold it. It is sculpted in such a behaviour that every person can use it. The scroll of this mouse is very fast. It is of ergonomic design that can follow the contour of the palm.

Track On Glass TOG

It has an advanced feature that you can use this mouse directly on different glass surfaces. The limit of this mouse is far beyond.

Other details

This mouse is compatible with all kinds of laptops. Every person can use this mouse. The connection of this mouse is wireless as it is connected by Bluetooth. The mouse has a laser type tracking system. The model of this mouse is FOC AF30 BLUETOOTH. It has an optical sensor.

This mouse has very greater battery life. When charged you can use this mouse for up to 70 days. Its battery type is alkaline AA. It has a DPI of 800. The laser sensor of this mouse is red led.

The dimensions of this mouse are ideal. It has a dimension of 110 X 62 X 33 mm. The no of buttons in this mouse is three. It supports Windows 8 and above-released windows. The battery is about 23.33 grams.

The above features are the best features to discuss. You should try this mouse.

Huawei bluetooth mouse swift is the best choice for those who want to use a better mouse. I made an honest effort to share the main features of this high technology device. After buying this mouse you can feel the comfort of this mouse.

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